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Probate (New York and Florida)

Probate is the legal process by which a deceased person's estate is passed to the beneficiaries named in their will and the debts of the estate are resolved. The Surrogate's Court (NY) validates the Will and officially appoints the executor based on the decedent's wishes. Once appointed by the court, creditors must be notified of the individual's death and eventually distributions need to be made. In Florida, the Circuit Court administers such matters and appoints a Personal Representative. Covey, Roberts & Carmody-Roberts is well versed in the probate process and we know how to best assist our clients during this difficult time.

Estate administration is the legal process when there is no will and no trust in place. Generally a family member petitions the court to be appointed administrator of the estate. Once appointed, the process is similar to the probate process in that creditors must be notified and paid, and the assets properly distributed to the heirs.

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